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Central Operations

Our main goal is to improve the execution of business operations to enhance consistency, effectiveness and efficiency. We focus on the following central operations areas;

  • Analyzing critical processes
  • Review existing operations
  • Goal attainment and performance measurement
  • Operational Support and Advice

Training and Development

Working with the right team is essential for the functionality and profitability of any business. Our drive is to help with team building, coaching and developing teams so they can contribute positively towards business growth. We offer the following services to achieve this;

  • Job profiling
  • One to one coaching
  • Conducting tailored workshops

Procurement & Inventory Management

Retail is all about having the right product at the right place, at the right time with the right price. Product procurement, inventory management, value addition and selling require skill. With this in mind, we commit ourselves to helping clients acquire that skill through;

  • Review and optimize the supply chain. 
  • Developing customer-centric procurement strategies
  • Margin enhancing buying. 
  • Merchandising. 
  • Establishing price and quality hierarchies
  • Inventory Management

Pre-Opening Support

Opening any business is no easy task, from scouting for the most profitable location, procurement of assets, the training and development of staff and launch. We offer a variety of products in this package to ease the process for our clients through the following;

  • Positioning strategy. 
  • Sales & Marketing Plan.
  • Support with the selection of suppliers of all areas. 
  • Selection & training of highly qualified staff.

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