Who We Are

iSeven Consultants is a Retail Management Consulting Company. The vision to establish the company was first conceived in 2013, arising from the desire to help companies increase profitability through the training and development of human capital in retail and related industries

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 As a young startup we have always struggled with visibility and how we could get ourselves out there. Thanks you to iSeven Consultants we were able to get a short video out to our potential clients

  • Tendai Handina

 As a small electrical business owner trying to get a foot in the door,i was overwhelmingly impressed by the services i was offered by iSeven Consultants. At their start-up business freindly rates, they made a video ad and pictoral infomercial content that was very creative and effective. iSeven are indeed my partner of choice!

  • Leon N. Rusare
  • Entrepreneur

Some of our awesome partners

Some of our awesome partners