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Retail 3.0: Administration

In this second part of retail 3.0, we briefly look at retail administration. This article tackles various aspects of administration, providing an overview of the issues that come under consideration when successfully setting up and running a retail enterprise. These, of course, should not be confused with the day to day retail business operations. It […]

7 Tips To Good Scheduling

Scheduling has always been a daunting task for management and team leaders. One has to make sure they strike a balance between the needs of the employee and the company they work for. Scheduling is not just about having someone at work, it’s also about having them in the right state mentally, emotionally and physically […]

Retail 3.0: Definition and Scope of Retailing

It can be argued that most people are quite familiar with the term ‘Retail’, or have at least heard about it at some point in their lives. Whether the prototype that comes to mind is a local corner grocery store or a large scale international supermarket, the main function is generally the same, that is, […]

Here’s why you need a Retail Consultant

Contrary to what most people believe, retail is not for everyone, it is not just an industry that acts as a stepping stone for those who are heading somewhere else with their careers, it is not meant for those who have ‘failed to make it in life’, and it is not run on general knowledge […]