Unlocking peak performance through innovative human capital development

iSeven Consultants is a subsidiary of Blue Republic (Pvt) Ltd, a company whose core business is to revolutionize the African business landscape. iSeven operates as a retail management consulting company that helps retailers, and those in related industries, increase sales and profitability through innovation, training and development and providing support services.

The vision behind iSeven was conceived in 2013 from the desire to transform retailing in Zimbabwe. Initially starting off with customer-oriented organizational training and development, the brand has grown to offer a variety of retail-related services, with the mission to enhance client profitability and grow market share through innovative human capital development. Services can be extended to clients in various industries such as; hospitality, telecommunications, finance, fast-moving consumer goods, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Our team has vast knowledge in retail operations and procurement, management consulting, human resources management, and training and development. We also possess exceptional skills in project management, auditing, and recruitment, with over 30 years of combined experience in various sectors.

Are you ready to increase sales and profitability?